06/04/2016 / Team twobirds

(Image by Wayne Rowe)

2016 is National Bridesmaid Day and Hen Heaven and Butlers in the Buff have launched the search for ‘Bridesmaid of the Year!’

Being a bridesmaid is a huge honour and we know many ladies who deserve to win the title as they’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty to make sure their bride’s big day has gone off without a hitch so, to celebrate the upcoming National Bridesmaid Day, here are our top tips on how to be the best bridesmaid ever!

Get organised

If your best friend has just asked you to be her bridesmaid, huge congratulations!  When you get over the initial excitement, it’s time to get your diary out and start blocking out key dates for dress fittings, hair & make up trails and – crucially – the hen do!  Start a Pinterest board of bridesmaid dresses as inspiration and find your nearest boutique.

Don’t be flakey

Planning a wedding can be a really stressful time and it wont help your bride if you don’t reply to important messages or don’t turn up to fittings so make sure your diary is organised (see above!) and you know where you need to be when.   It will save your bride so much headache!

Get involved

Ask her what she needs help with and whether that’s organizing dress appointments for her or attempting a DIY she found on Pinterest, throw yourself into it as she’ll really appreciate the enthusiasm.

Say yes to the dress

Shopping for bridesmaid dresses that suit every body shape can be really hard work so do your research and find out what the bride has in mind for you and her budget before booking any appointments. twobirds takes the stress out of bridesmaid shopping as our multiway dresses suit every body shape and cover UK sizes 4-24 so you can all look and feel amazing on the day and, as a bonus, you don’t need to worry about any alterations!

Be patient

Wedding planning is often a highly emotional experience so if your bride is acting a little….  highly strung, shall we say…  some empathy and understanding during this time would be really helpful. Some brides feel incredible pressure for everything to be “perfect” on the day and this can make her behave in unexpected ways so try not to take it personally.  She’ll return the favour when it’s your big day.

Organise an amazing hen do

We hear loads of great hen do ideas! Everything from circus skills, burlesque classes, chocolate making workshops, a cheeky appearance from a Butler in the Buff…  Think about what your bride likes and what suits her character and look at special events in that area. Booking a recording studio to record your favourite songs would be so much fun and would also give you a great souvenir to keep!  Luckily, the amazing team at Hen Heaven are on hand to help you plan an unforgettable night!  

Be one step ahead

On the day, organise yourself to make sure you’re ready in plenty of time to help the bride get dressed as she’ll need your help to get into her dress.  Have an emergency kit on standby with hair grips, plasters, painkillers and a needle and thread and don’t forget to hide a pair of flats or flip-flops for her to change into for dancing into the early hours.  She’ll love you forever!

Do you think you, or someone you know, has what it takes to be the Bridesmaid of the Year?

If so, we’re looking to hear your stories!  Is/was one of your bridesmaids the literal best in all things wedding planning? Did you have to move heaven and earth to make sure your bride’s hen party went off without a hitch (and of course was super fun)?

Whatever your story is, we want to hear it. Not only could you or your friend win the title of ‘Bridesmaid of the Year’ but also some awesome prizes: a gorgeous dress in a colour of your choice from our Classic Collection, a Butler in the Buff for 2 hours at your next party and a beautiful Posh Totty jewellery box.

Enter here: http://bit.ly/1UrtW6h

Good luck

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