01/10/2016 / Team twobirds

“I have to wear a bra!”

We’ve heard that panicked phrase many, many times so let me start off by telling you that you absolutely can wear a bra with your twobirds dress. Actually, we spend quite a lot of time talking about boobs in our showroom so I think it’s time we cleared up a few common misconceptions…

If you’re anything like me, in the past you’ll have stared enviously at pictures of gorgeous backless dresses that there’s no way you’d be able to wear because you wouldn’t feel comfortable without the support of your bra.   

Well… allow me to blow your mind!

Anyone who’s been into see us will know how amazingly supportive the dresses are and many ladies who would normally never dream of going bra-less are actually totally comfortable going without while wearing a twobirds dress.  Trust me!  Speaking from the well-endowed camp, I can reassure you that it’s amazing and being able to wear the backless styles that you never thought you’d be able to wear feels brilliant!

However, we know there are some times when you might feel more secure wearing a bra (ceilidh anyone??), so we’ve put together a few tutorials to show you how to easily cover a strapless bra. Now you can feel confident and secure wearing the styles you’ve always dreamed of!

You’re welcome. ;) 

Option 1. Wear it in the Grecian Twist style

If you’d prefer not to wear a bandeau but would still like to wear a strapless or halter bra this is a great option.  All you need is a couple of safety pins!*  

Option 2. Wear it in the One Shoulder style

 Just the same as the Grecian twist!  All you need is some safety pins.*  Easy! 

Option 3. Wear a bandeau

Our matching bandeau comes in the exact same colour and fabric as the dresses so when it’s tied it completely blends in to look like part of the dress.  This will of course completely cover a strapless bra and will also offer some more coverage.  Here are our favourite styles to wear with a bandeau but the same principles apply for most tying styles.

Front Neck tie with Bandeau
One Shoulder with Bandeau

Option 4. Wear it in almost any other twobirds wrap style you like!

You can wear a bra with almost any twobirds wrap style if you’d prefer - with or without a bandeau.  One of the many advantages of having a twobirds wrap dress is that you have so much fabric to play with - twice as much as some other wrap dresses!  Here is a tutorial on how to wear the twist back style with a strapless bra but it works just as well with a convertible bra and the same principles can be applied to almost all of the twobirds wraps.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these tutorials.  Share this article with your bridesmaids and have fun tying!


Gill xx

*DISCLAIMER | twobirds Bridesmaid accepts no responsibility for any damage caused as a result of pinning the fabric.  The fabric is robust and we regularly use brooches, etc but you will have to be careful when pinning it.  Don’t pull it too tight and make sure you use good quality pins!