16/03/2016 / Team twobirds

If, like me, you’re one of those women who would never dream of going bra-less, I have some good news for you…  Most women DON’T need to wear a bra under a twobirds dress, even with big boobs.

I can hear incredulous cries of “I definitely do!” and if you DO want to wear your bra for whatever reason, that’s ok too!  (Here are some tutorials on how to wear your bra.)  The entire point of twobirds dresses is for each woman to look and feel amazing wearing it however they like.

If you’ve been in to our Covent Garden showroom for an appointment you’ll probably already know how supportive the dresses are but, if you still need convincing here are the most supportive wrap styles.  

March 16Th 1 March 16Th 2

1. The Knotted Tank with a Halter back 

This is the most supportive way to tie the dress.  The knots create tension in the fabric at the front and the high split at the back gives an amazing uplifting effect when tied around the waist.  

March 16Th 3 March 16Th 2

2. Halter

Even without the knots at the front this style offers great support and is my go-to style as it’s so easy to tie and really flattering on ladies with big boobs.

March 16Th 6 March 16Th 5

3. Grecian Twist front with a Twist back

Twisting the straps to create the Grecian Twist neckline create a similar level of tension to the Knotted Tank style and really help when it comes to support.  The twist back adds a lovely detail to the back of the dress and secures the twisted straps in place.  If the twist sits high up near the nape of the neck it’ll offer the most support from the straps once tied.

Everyone is different so you may find that you prefer and feel comfortable in another style so do experiment with your fellow bridesmaids.  The trick to tying any twobirds style is pulling the waist seam up so it sits just under your bust, where the underwire of your bra would go.  It should feel very secure and quite snug.

You’ll never know until you try and you might find you can wear the backless styles you’ve always wanted to wear…


Gill x